Holy Week 2023 @ St. George’s

April 4, 6:00pm

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

As Jesus celebrated his last supper with his friends and disciples, so we gather together for a shared meal, the Eucharist and foot-/handwashing.

We begin the meal downstairs in Luxton Hall with a time of fellowship and liturgy. Communion is shared, and we wash each other’s hands or feet just as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.

At the close of the evening, we move to the sanctuary where the altar and chancel are stripped of their colourful paraments in preparation for the solemn remembrance of Christ’s death on Good Friday.

Please RSVP so that we know how many to cater dinner for. Please contact the church office at info@stgeorgesonthehill.ca if you have any food restrictions that we should be aware of.

April 7, 10:00 am

The Way of the Cross for Families

A family-oriented interactive liturgy following Jesus’ journey to Golgotha.

April 7, 12:00 pm

The Passion of the Lord

A solemn service to bear witness to Jesus’ trial, crucifixion and death.

April 8, 7:30pm

The Great Vigil of Easter

We remember our baptism and marvel at God’s redemptive story beginning at the time of creation.

April 9, 10:30am

The Sunday of the Resurrection

A joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Children are invited to participate in our annual Easter egg hunt following the service!

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